The hiring of the services of a lawyer can be fundamental both for the resolution of a trial and for the consequences for our economy.

As clients and consumers we have the right that the lawyer, as a professional, gives us all the information, that is within his reach, about hiring to be able to decide freely.

Probably if you hire a lawyer is because you want to solve a problem. This is the mission of lawyers. And how can lawyers solve your problems? Basically advising or assisting you. The first option is preventive, while the second is reactive.


The attorney-client relationship is based on a relationship of trust. So it is important that you choose the right legal professional to whom you are going to delegate your affairs. Among other factors, you should consider the following.


Law is a very strict field of knowledge. So you will get the best guarantees of success if you have the services of a specialist.

Recommendations and opinions

In the legal profession, prestige is usually linked to the capacity of the lawyer. Although this is not always the case, getting to know a lawyer or his firm can make you choose their services.

Communication The lawyer is a professional in law and communication

Therefore, you must connect with him in the first place. If it does not arouse your interest, it may not be the professional you are looking for.


It is very important that the lawyer follows up on his clients. Therefore, it is advisable to choose professionals who care about your well-being.

Ethical behaviour

It is fundamental that the Law professional you choose respects the deontological code of the profession. An honest behavior will guarantee that your interests are safe with that lawyer.

Unity of interests

The lawyer’s duties are action, not result. Therefore, it is always best to choose a lawyer who can identify with your interests, so that you both pursue a common goal.

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